This Terms of Service guides the Scholarship Services provided to you by Isnet Solutions. By submitting this form, you agree that you have read and agree with the terms stated within.
Scholarship granting is solely at the discretion of the issuing authority. Isnet Solutions doesn’t have any role to the issuing of scholarship or the denial of the same.

  1. Our Role

1.1. Upon submission of your application, a unique ticket number will be assigned to your application through your email address, the applicant can use the ticket number to view the status and updates of the scholarship application on our system online: When your application has been submitted to the appropriate issuing authorities and their updates will be contained on the system viewable to each scholarship applicant.

1.2. Isnet Solutions will internally prepare and process your submitted documents against the scholarship issuing authority requirements, specifications and guidelines.

1.3. Isnet Solutions will make two scholarship applications to two countries from the available scholarship countries that matches your profile (courses, countries and educational qualifications) in a first country, first course and second country, second course arrangement as specified on the application form.

1.4. Isnet Solutions will advise the applicant against any thing that needs to be done toward meeting the scholarship issuing authority’s requirements and guideline.

1.5. All our scholarship applications are subject to the available scholarship offers from the issuing authority, their set requirements, guidelines and protocols.

2. Your Role

2.1. Complete the Scholarship Application form with the accurate information.
2.2. Upload the required documents
2.3. Proof of payment of a one time non-refundable assessment and processing fee of fifteen thousand naira ( ₦15,000) is required to complete your application.
2.4. View the status of your application on our website or through your email by either using your unique assigned ticket number to view the status/update on your application or by checking your email regularly.

3. Disclaimer

Isnet Solutions is not a scholarship issuing authority or an organization, you understand that Scholarship issuing is at the discretion of the respective issuing authorities and not the responsibility of Isnet Solutions.

You agree that Isnet Solutions is not responsible for any loss you may experience for the sake of scholarship denial by the Issuing authority and things beyond Isnet Solutions like government policies, third-party organization decisions.

Isnet Solutions reserves the right to make changes to this terms and conditions at anytime without a prior notification and it becomes effective once uploaded on our website.