Do you have a long-term goal of migrating to the country of your choice with our Residency Permit Services; countries like Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, etc.

Permanent residence is a permanent residence permit. It allows the holder to travel to the issued  nation, stay for a period of time, and then seek for citizenship.

Recognized Educational qualifications, proof of language proficiency, qualified skillset, work experience, age and required proof of funds available to the applicant.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland and United Kingdom.

As a permanent residence holder, you will be entitled to live, work and study in the country and also have access social security and be able to sponsor your dependents. After holding this status for five (5) years you will be entitled to citizenship.



Get a second passport and citizenship to any country of your choice through an investment.



Get a work permit to work in reputable companies in European and North American countries. Work Permit holders are entitled by law in Europe and Canada to apply for permanent residency (PR) after five years.

It is a contract issued by a licensed Employer or Company in Poland or any other country, properly approved and signed by the government.

Educational Qualifications (a minimum of a Senior Secondary School Certificate or Equivalent), your recent CV, a Police Character Certificate and a Passport Datapage.

Canada, Poland, Malta, Romanian, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Estonia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Hungary and more.

There are specialist job roles with more requirements and also there are many labor related jobs in the Construction, Manufacturing and Agriculture Sectors.

A Work Permit or contract is a mandatory requirement for a Work Visa processing at the respective Embassy. On arrival to the destination country, you will be given a Residency Permit that allows you to work for the employer within the specified duration. Once you have held your Residency Permit for 5 years, you will be entitled to Permanent Residency, which en-route you to Citizenship after another 5 years. A residency Permit holder with work privileges means you are contributing to the health Insurance and other Social Insurance schemes available in that country. You will be able to access health care and other benefits. You can also invite your family.